Ejob.ge’s Terms & Conditions

It contains the general rules and legal responsibilities related to the site and constitutes a whole with the text titled Privacy Principles and Membership Conditions . The member should carefully read these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy before proceeding. If any of the specified conditions are not suitable for you / your institution, we recommend that you do not use Ejob.ge’s products. If you use it, it means that you accept these terms in advance!

By filling out the form with personal information, the member accepts the operation of the terms of use. Ejob.ge reserves the right to refuse to publish or remove the Membership information that unilaterally decides that it does not fully or partially comply with the conditions listed in these Terms of Use.

Ejob.ge reserves the right to unilaterally change, suspend or cancel the following conditions at any time without notice. The member accepts this savings in advance. Ejob.ge will publish the updated terms of use on the site and inform the Member by e-mail if it deems necessary. The updated terms of use will be valid from the moment they are published on Ejob.ge and the use of the Site will be subject to the renewed terms of use from that moment on.

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Individual Membership (Candidate)

By presenting the personal information, educational information, contact information, working information, date of birth, gender and photograph of all our visitors who fill out the individual membership form of Ejob.ge, It is used for the purpose to the use of companies looking for personnel, to expand the range of services offered on the site, to determine their needs and expectations.

E-mail addresses received during Ejob.ge membership process; It is important in terms of being able to announce innovations, news bulletins and campaigns and to maintain communication with our members. If our members do not want to benefit from these notifications provided by Ejob.ge, they can cancel them by selecting the relevant option.

Resume & CV

Ejob.ge offers its individual members the opportunity to prepare, save and apply for a resume on the internet. The resumes prepared by the members themselves can be viewed by the employers within the scope of this opportunity. The prepared CVs are stored in Ejob.ge in active or passive positions, depending on the member's own choice. The Member accepts and undertakes that all the information provided in the Membership Form is correct, valid and up to date. CV information is inaccurate, incomplete or deceptive / misleading; It is strictly forbidden to cause discrimination, lead third parties to crime, or to contain propaganda on issues such as any ethnic group, origin, language, political opinion, religion. In case that Ejob.ge and / or third parties suffer any damage due to this situation, it accepts and undertakes that they will compensate all damages exactly and immediately.

Providing personal information to Ejob.ge will mean that they are consented to be used in a way to be determined / approved by Ejob.ge. Ejob.ge has no responsibility if the information recorded on the site is used by other Members and / or 3rd parties, and / or violates the moral rights regulated in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and / or you suffer any damage whatsoever. Only when the member with a resume applies to job search postings in line with his / her own request, the CV can be viewed by the relevant employer companies. Resumes sent directly to the company (eg by email, etc.) are the responsibility of the candidate.

Ejob.ge General Usage and Safety Rules

Ejob.ge is an open site for everyone. The name and contact information of the company that publishes the ad is published in the postings.

Members can only use the information for the purposes specified in the Terms of Use. The information available on the site cannot be copied, distributed, reproduced, used, changed, stored for future use, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Ejob.ge. All information on the site is the property of Ejob.ge.

Services provided for candidates are free. In the following cases, Ejob.ge may block the Member's use of the Site, and Ejob.ge reserves the right of recourse to the Member for all claims and demands that may arise from third parties or authorities against Ejob.ge.

  • Saving resumes containing false, incomplete, misleading, expressions that do not comply with the general ethical rules and inappropriate photographs,
  • Making attempts to access and use other resume information and threaten the general security of site and prevent the operation of site and the software used,
  • Information other than CV; recording private or public announcements, advertising and marketing information,
  • Deletion or change of information announced by third parties,
  • Using the functions of publishing advertisements and searching resumes by institutions outside the purpose of the site,
  • Using the information on the site for different purposes by copying partially or completely,
  • Usage of information such as username and password for purposes other than the purpose of the website or sharing it with third parties / organizations.

It accepts and undertakes to notify Ejob.ge immediately when they learn that Member accounts are being used by unauthorized persons or that their passwords are obtained by others, and that Ejob.ge cannot be held responsible for the capture of the passwords of Members, Membership accounts, user names by third parties.

Use of Content

All advertisements, texts, graphics, statistical information and pictures ('Materials') on this Site have been created by Ejob.ge and all intellectual and commercial property rights arising from the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works and other laws and regulations, exclusively belong to Ejob.ge. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, publish or republish the Materials on the site without Ejob's written consent.

Likewise, the name and logo of the site are exclusively owned by Ejob.ge and cannot be used in any way without the written consent of Ejob.ge, and cannot be offered to third parties and organizations.

The site is exclusively for the use of Ejob.ge, and any element on the Site cannot be published on another medium or on the Internet site, or it cannot be linked or directed from another website to the Ejob.ge site without the permission of Ejob.ge.

It is strictly forbidden to copy or use the software used in the design of Ejob.ge and in the creation of the database, and all rights are owned by Ejob.ge in accordance with the relevant agreements.

While the Member is using the Site, the Georgian Penal Code, the Georgian Commercial Code, the Law of Obligations, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, Decree Laws and legal regulations on the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, all relevant legislation provisions currently in force and will come into force in the future. It agrees to comply with the legislation and notices published by Ejob.ge regarding the site. All legal, criminal and financial liability that may arise due to notifications and illegal use belongs to the Member.

Ejob.ge is open to criticism and comments. All criticism and comments transmitted to our site are the property of Ejob.ge and can be used for marketing purposes.

Information Automatically Placed on Your Computer

While you are using Ejob.ge, files called 'Cookies' can be placed on your computer. These files are not harmful; It is used only to create a site that is more suitable for your requests by using the information you provide to the site.


The information of the users visiting Ejob.ge (duration of visit, time, pages viewed) are followed in order to serve our members better. The information obtained is shared with our business partners in order to enrich and improve our content section, on the condition of adhering to confidentiality principles. The IP address of the visitor coming to the site is recorded.

Ejob.ge does not accept any responsibility for any institutional and Member information, advertisements, news, articles, educational program and other materials on the site. Cannot be held responsible for its content. Members who have their resumes on the site are responsible for any information they have recorded on the site.

Ejob.ge has no obligation to find a job and / or employee, etc. against its Members. The company and its Members are responsible for all kinds of communication and activity between the Companies and Members.

Links contained in order to provide information or assist visitors (links to different Internet sites) and the risks associated with these sites belong to the visitors.

Ejob.ge has the right to make any changes on Ejob.ge without prior notice.

Ejob.ge cannot be held liable for any damage to the software and hardware elements used by the visitors and Members due to any software on Ejob.ge.

Ejob.ge may cancel the candidate's resume information, the announcements or the account of the company without informing or completely without informing.

Ejob.ge, Member's acting contrary to the obligations specified in these Terms of Use and Privacy Principles and Membership Conditions, not fulfilling the obligations in any way or duly, acting against the rules determined by laws and regulations, and in other cases, Ejob.ge, the Member's system If it detects that it uses these Terms of Use, Privacy Principles and Membership Conditions or the law, it has the right to notify the Member to the competent authorities and terminate the membership. Ejob.ge is free to delete or not delete any records belonging to the Member account terminated by it, the Member cannot claim any rights or compensation for the deleted records. In this case, Ejob.ge reserves all rights of litigation and claims, and compensates the Member for any damage it has incurred.

These Terms of Use will enter into force when the Member starts his / her membership as a Member of Ejob.ge and will remain in effect unless terminated due to one of the conditions specified in the terms.

Georgian Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes that may arise from the implementation of these Terms of Use.

The Member accepts and undertakes that he / she has read, understood and accepted all of the articles contained in these Terms of Use, and that he / she confirms the accuracy of the information given about him / her.